What are the PGI wines of Bajo Aragón?

Wine... who doesn't like to enjoy a glass of wine? We use it to celebrate, to toast with those we love most, to have a good time... If we think about it, we are used to relating it to good moments and stories that have marked us.

Today we are going to dedicate ourselves to talking. of  the IGP wines of Bajo Aragón, known for their quality and authenticity. Learn about their origin, characteristics and the wineries that produce them. Ideal for wine lovers.

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History and Origin of the PGI Bajo Aragón

The Bajo Aragón Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) is established to protect and highlight the wines produced in this specific region of northeastern Spain. The Bajo Aragón area, with a winemaking tradition dating back centuries, has been recognized for its unique winegrowing practices and its ability to produce high-quality wines. The IGP guarantees that wines labeled under this name meet strict standards of quality and authenticity, reflecting the character and heritage of the region.

Characteristics of the Wines of Bajo Aragón

The wines of Bajo Aragón are distinguished by their robustness and complexity, the result of an extreme continental climate and varied soils, which include limestone and clay. These natural factors, combined with traditional cultivation techniques and modern oenological practices, result in wines with intense aromatic profiles, balanced flavors and excellent aging capacity. Both the reds, whites and rosés of this region are known for their freshness and expression of the terroir.

Grape Varieties Used in the PGI of Bajo Aragón

The grape varieties used in the production of Bajo Aragón PGI wines include both native and international strains. Among the most notable are Garnacha and Tempranillo for red wines, and Macabeo for white wines. These grapes, perfectly adapted to the climate and soil of the region, are the basis of wines that express the unique character of Bajo Aragón, offering a palette of flavors that ranges from red and black fruits in the reds to floral and citrus notes in the whites. .

Grape Varieties Used

Pairing and Consumption Recommendations for wines from lower Aragón

The wines of Bajo Aragón are versatile and lend themselves to a wide range of pairings. Young red wines are ideal to accompany grilled red meats and game dishes, while whites and rosés are perfect with fish, seafood and salads. Aged reds, with their greater complexity and depth, are an excellent option for more elaborate dishes and aged cheeses. Enjoying these wines at the right temperature enhances their organoleptic qualities and guarantees a complete sensory experience.

Pairing and Consumption Recommendations

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