boletus movil

edible mushrooms

Currently mushroom picking extends throughout the country, many are of the opinion that this hobby that became unknown to many, today is a The most common practice, and even more so for the locals, where this type of mushroom appears as its name suggests. The edible mushrooms continue to be a great attraction, especially in the Sierra de Albarracin where the edible boletus have a strong presence

Collecting edible mushrooms today is not easy, there are different types of edible mushrooms< /strong> that come out in autumn and spring but that are not easy to collect since the different varieties have many similarities with mushrooms that are not edible, and often lead to poisoning due to not going to the right people to collect them .

Edible mushrooms We love them, but the one we like the most are the edible boletus or Boletus edulis, also called, this type of edible mushroom is shaped like a cap or pumpkin, in many places they call the mushrooms with the shape of a cava stopper.

The bolelus edulis said in Latin are the edible boletus themselves, a highly demanded mushroom in central and northern Europe and which has a great impact in Spain as it is not an easy mushroom to find.The edible boletus generally appear in places where there are a lot of pine trees, but beware, pines from the earth, not replanted, in places where the pines are replanted they do not usually come out.

The shape of the boletus edulis is very striking, so much so that the cap can measure up to 10 cm or even more in diameter and its height can measure as much as the same or even more, in general they are large mushrooms that are uprooted.

With a light color along the trunk and darkening as it reaches the cap, with a much browner tone, this mushroom has a great flavor, this flavor is widely used in haute cuisine and combined with black truffle, it gives it a unique flavor.

It should be noted that in the mountains of Teruel it is very normal to find this type of mushroom, since they are mushrooms that grow in mountains with large pine trees, in Teruel you can find them in the Sierra de Albarracin, Currently, in order to keep the forest clean, it is considered to make mushroom preserves that employ many people and that make us keep the forest clean.

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