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Today most of the bread consumed comes from wheat, other cereals such as oats or rye are also becoming very fashionable.

But we must not forget that there are other cereals with which breads or pasta are made and that they must be taken into account.

Currently, making spelt bread very fashionable, this cereal that is more than 7000 years old is known for its nutritional properties, and above all for its survival in the highest areas of the peninsula.

The different products that can be made with spelled flour are incalculable, but here are the most important, we explain step by step how to make spelled bread at home.

  • Make spelt bread
  • Make spelt pasta
  • Make spelt sponge cake


In this recipe we propose you to do what our grandparents did a long time ago, their own bread, and of course. From an ancient cereal with more than 7000 years old and that is being used again, thanks to its nutritional properties.We begin to explain the different ingredients that we will need to be bakers in our own home:

       - Spelled flour (preferably between 400gr and 600gr

       - Yeast (preferably between 40gr and 50gr)

       - Water (preferably bottled and not tap)

       - Olive oil (depending on the amount of flour, but a maximum of 2 tablespoons per 600g of yeast)

       - Teaspoon of salt

Spelt bread recipe

Once we have all the ingredients, we will have to take a pot where we can mix the following ingredients: Spelt flour (400gr), yeast (we include between 40gr and 50gr), Water (we will have to add depending on of the density of the formed dough), olive oil (a teaspoon) and salt

Once we have all this, we are stirring the dough to make it dense. Once the density is correct (the water is no longer visible) we pass all the dough created to a wooden surface, on this wooden surface we will have to move the dough with spelled flour until the dough is sufficiently dense, once we get the dough not to stick to your fingers. Once this is done, and after waiting about 2 hours (taking into account the season of the year, it will be more or less) we will see that the yeast is taking effect, and we will see how the dough that we have created is increasing.

Once this is done, and having previously preheated the oven with a temperature between 200º and 230º, we will put the dough in a greased container so that it does not stick to us. We will wait between 35 min and 45 min and after this, we will let it cool down.


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