What is DOP in food?

The Denomination of Origin (DO) is a quality seal awarded to certain products that meet strict production and origin criteria. These products must originate in a specific geographic region and have unique characteristics that differentiate them, linked to the local environment and tradition. The DO guarantees the consumer that the product has been made following traditional methods and meets high quality standards.

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Products with Designation of Origin in Spain

En Espagne, l'appellation d'origine s'applique à une grande variété de produits, notamment les vins, les fromages, les huiles d'olive, les jambons, les fruits et les légumes. Quelques exemples notables sont le vin de Rioja, le fromage Manchego, l'huile d'olive de Baena et le jambon ibérique de Jabugo. Ces produits représentent non seulement la richesse culinaire du pays, mais aussi sa diversité culturelle et géographique.

What does the Designation of Origin indicate for consumers?

For consumers, the Designation of Origin is a guarantee of authenticity, quality and origin. This seal ensures that the product has been produced and manufactured in a specific region, under strictly controlled conditions. Furthermore, it indicates that traditional methods have been followed that preserve the cultural and gastronomic heritage of the area. By choosing DO products, consumers support the local economy and enjoy excellent quality food and drinks.

Designations of Origin of Teruel

Teruel, a province in Aragon, has several Designations of Origin that stand out for their quality. Among them are the Teruel Ham, the first Serrano ham to obtain the DO in Spain, and the Calanda Peach, known for its size, flavor and sweetness. These products are not only a reflection of Teruel's rich agricultural and livestock tradition, but also a symbol of its dedication to maintaining high standards of quality and authenticity in its production.


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