Black truffle sauce

Truffles are highly valued mushrooms in the gastronomic market. Implemented in recipes for its particular flavor and aromas. Among the different varieties of truffle, the tuber melanosporum (black winter truffle) stands out above all, being a highly coveted raw material in haute cuisine. The black truffle has a limited production, if we have it, find the relationship between supply and demand. Among the regions that are producers and exporters of the fungus, Teruel is at the forefront, both in quality and quantity.

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Mandolin and truffle

How to consume truffle

The fresh black truffle is consumed grated or in thin slices. It should not be cooked, since its properties and organoleptic qualities are affected in said process. To express the full potential of the fungus, it should not be exposed to heat and its conservation must keep it fresh and free of moisture. Visit our website for more information about the use and conservation of the truffle.

However, the truffle forms part of innumerable recipes and its properties can be applied in many ways to our dishes. And it is that the truffle easily impregnates other products with its aroma and flavor.

One of the greatest exponents of the use of truffles in recipes would be the Perigord sauce or Périgeux sauce, also being one of the most versatile ways of using truffles.

Perigueux sauce

Although there are many recipes known for using truffles and claiming to be truffle sauce, there is one that despite its variations, its name forms the archetype of dressing made from black truffles.

The Perigord sauce comes from the homonymous French region. This region is a popular area for growing and harvesting truffles. The Périgourdine sauce has variations in its ingredients and has undergone modifications over the years, but as an axiom we find the following elements:

  • Truffle (pieces, grated or sliced)
  • Meat broth (usually veal)
  • Oil
  • Salt and pepper

Although there are recipes that use canned truffle and its juice, we at Degusta Teruel recommend the use of fresh truffle in the recipe. This is how you get that genuine flavor.

Perigueux sauce

From these ingredients we would obtain the base for the flavor that characterizes the sauce, although it is common for cream, flour or butter to be added to the mixture as a thickener. This will also depend on what the sauce will accompany, it will not require such a liquid texture to accompany meats; while being more watery, it could be mixed well with other textures such as creams or purées.

Where to use the truffle sauce?

An example of a truffle sauce recipe to accompany a sirloin would be:

  • Black truffle 1gr
  • 100ml beef broth
  • 100g butter
  • 100g onion
  • Salt and pepper

Always adding the truffle when the rest of the ingredients have finished cooking or in the process of simmering.

Where to use the truffle sauce?

Although the Perigord sauce is originally used for stews with meat, it is possible that the most frequent use for which the truffle sauce is used is to accompany pasta. In the end, it is a very unique dressing that can benefit both meat, fish, rice, etc.

Of course, the good things are presented in small jars, we mean by this that the flavor of the truffle It must be implemented in its proper measure so as not to saturate the palate. That is why a reduced proportion of truffle is used in the recipes, and the resulting sauces are not used to flood the dish.

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