ternasco movil

Lamb from Aragon

One ​​of the things that attracts the most attention when people come to visit Aragón is its rich and varied gastronomy, one of the most typical dishes of Aragón is the lamb, but we are going to delve into history to learn more about this dish.

Due to the history of Aragon, a kingdom or land conquered by various cultures, at a given moment in our history, there were three culinary cultures together with the lamb, the Christian, the Muslim and the Jewish.

Cultures around lamb:

  • Jewish culture: They prepared the lamb with raisins and then served it.
  • Muslim culture: They used the lamb, usually specific parts of it to season them with mint
  • Christian culture: Religious culture As a rule, he ate the offal and guts or those parts that other cultures rejected, hence the way of cooking lamb from leftovers has remained a benchmark in Aragonese cuisine

Characteristics of the lamb from Aragon

The Ternasco de Aragón must be covered by the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) Ternasco de Aragón, normally the period of slaughter or slaughter is between 70 and 100 days with a weight that It ranges between 12kg, this product is common to find in the purchase of the Aragonese, in addition, this product is unique to Aragon.

If something identifies Ternasco meat from others, it is its tasty, tender and unbeatable flavor.

The Protected Geographical Indicator indicates lambs under 90 days and the autochthonous sheep breeds, Aragonese breed and Roya bilbilitana.

Due to the different crosses that have been made, certain breeds have been denied by the protected geographic indicator.

Lamb in recipes

As a rule, the ternasco from Aragón is prepared Roasted, in fact it is a typical dish that is drunk like wine, you read correctly, with wine .During the whole night before it is marinated with wine and as a garnish you usually have potatoes and bacon. Other times it is made in stew.


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