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3 tier basket

Basket 2 with 3 levels - Check price by phone

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Basket with assorted gourmet products from the province of Teruel.

Composed of wine, vermouth, cava, game sausages, cheese, preserves, peaches, nougats and fruits from Aragon.

For restaurants and hoteliers, gifts from individuals and companies.

We customize your baskets, we create custom baskets. Contact us.




Basket 2 with 3 levels - Check price by phone

Personalized Christmas baskets. Basket 2 with 3 levels

We create custom baskets for you. With the products in our catalog that best suit you. Compose your gift baskets in Degusta Teruel.

The proposal 2 of the Degusta Teruel basket is one of our Christmas baskets in which we include a varied selection from our entire catalog and we offer for gifts, restaurants and hoteliers. It has 3 levels to place the products.

Composed of:

  • Cava Brut Nature Abadía del Temple
  • White wine Delicias de Lledó
  • White vermouth
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Apple juice
  • Easter Sausage
  • Deer fuet with pepper
  • Truffled deer sausage
  • Wild boar fuet with fine herbs
  • Stuffed loin bridle
  • Saffron cheese
  • Canned peach
  • Guirlache nougat
  • Soft nougat
  • Hard nougat
  • Marzipan nougat with fruits
  • Toasted yolk nougat
  • Fruits of Aragon