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Chorizo: origin and elaboration

Do you know the varieties of chorizo ​​that exist in the market?

Before getting into the matter, we are going to start talking about chorizos... But this post is about eating chorizos, not politicians' chorizos that are very fashionable....

So that, we start talking about the history of chorizo ​​and its elaboration.


Chorizo ​​is a traditional sausage from Spanish cuisine and gastronomyalthough it must be taken into account that this type of sausageis not only consumed in Spainbecause its consumption It is very characteristic of Portugal, and of Latin American countries, it is also frequently consumed in Hungary, and Germany.

Its consumption comes from the towns, in the usual massacre that takes place in the towns in the meses of December and January, it takes advantage everything the pig has to get this delicious delicacy.

Preparation of the chorizo

The mondongo del chorizo, the chorizo ​​is made with minced pork, spices and garlic are added, as we have said before, everything that comes from the pig is used, so once minced meat and spices are added, a machine is used to create the typical chorizo ​​that is introduced into the pig's intestines, normally the intestines of the small intestine, unless it is cular sausage which is Thus, the guts of the large intestine are used

Steps in making the chorizo

  • These casings are previously extracted and washed by the members of the tripe, in the villages it is very common for several families to get together to make the tripe correctly.
  • Once the casings are cleaned, you should choppork meat, and add spices, normally the most important is pimentó n this makes the characteristic color of chorizo, red. To be considered a chorizo, it must have garlic and paprika, this case characterizes the chorizo ​​from Spain, however in other places it would not be necessary.
  • A Once this is done, it should be cured naturally, that is, outdoors and being careful with different insects that can cause the food to be discarded, it can be cured naturally or smoked.


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