History of spelled

Spelled is a very old cereal, possibly the oldest known cereal in the peninsula. The origin dates back to 7000 years before Christ, specifically it would be in Iran where this type of cereal would begin to be known, its cultivation was standardized and it passed to other more eastern parts.

Through the Balkans it would enter Europe, and it is that in the Middle Ages it would be considered the food of the wealthy class, relegating other foods to the poorer classes.

In Europe in the 19th century this cereal would be in disuse due to various factors, such as yield at harvest, and the difficulty of handling for the production of products. < o: p>

If something was known, it was that this food was unique to pests due to its high resistance to them.

At present this type of food occurs in the highest areas of Spain, and other European countries, and is given for the simple of fact that it withstands the cold temperatures of these places very well s from Spain. The cultivation in high areas is complicated from other foods, it is complicated to do because it is very difficult to live with temperatures below 0º but nevertheless the Spelta cereal manages to withstand very low temperatures and that allows it to be cultivated in high areas of the peninsula .

Properties of spelled

Talking about spelled is talking about the cereal that has become fashionable. the amount of carbohydrates makes this cereal unique. Above all, highlighting this cereal is currently very well considered due to its high protein content, something that is highly demanded in different sports, or gyms since proteins of biological origin such as amino acids.

It is important, this food contains gluten, so it should not be consumed by celiacs. 7

Currently, many dietitians and doctors consider the option of changing wheat for spelled, in some cases, as problems can be of poor digestion, spelled has the ability to be better digested than wheat.



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Sponge cake recipe with spelled flour

The cake with yogurt is one of the recipes that your grandmother will teach you first, it is always the grandmother who is fond of sponge cake.

The cake with yogurt is a recipe that never goes out of style, and there are few who do not like this irresistible flavor, which is often made with natural yogurt, yogurt with lemon and yogurt with strawberry.

We are going to proceed to make the yogurt cake and for those who have never done it, the ease of this recipe will encourage you to make other much more complex ones. And, this recipe could be the prologue of any cake that needs a cake base.

For the calculation of ingredients we are going to guide ourselves in the measurements of the yogurt glass.


  • 1 strawberry, plain or lemon yogurt
  • 3 measures of flour spelled (wholemeal or fine) as you like
  • 2 measures of sugar
  • 1 measure of olive oil
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 envelope (16gr) of baking powder
  • Butter to grease the mold

To start preparing everything you have to indicate that the basis of the recipe is the measure, in this case the measure will be the yogurt container. If you want to do it differently, there would be no problem.


We pre-heat the oven to 160º

We will use in a bowl to mix the ingredients. First, we put the yogurt we have chosen in the bowl, we have chosen natural yogurt for the recipe. Once that is done, add our spelled flour (fine or whole), sugar, olive oil and baking powder.

We remove it manually or if we have the opportunity to use an electric mixer, we will use it, until the dough is thick.

We choose the mold that we will use to make our cake, once that, we will spread it with butter so that our cake does not stick.

We raise the temperature of the oven to 180º and introduce the mold with the dough into the oven for 30-35min. We will know that it is done correctly using a toothpick and inserting it in the middle of the cake, if it comes out clean, the cake has been made correctly.

Important to keep in mind, the cake will not rise much since we use spelled flour, which makes our cakes normally stay lower. Once we have done it, we must let it cool down for a long time.

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