Walnuts are one of the foods with various beneficial properties for health, in addition to being a versatile and nutritious food. In ancient Rome they were considered a food of the gods, currently they are considered a superfood.

There are different types of nuts such as the North American pecan, the Spanish or common nut, the macadamia...

Here you can find the nutrients they provide, the properties they have and the health benefits.

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Walnuts are nuts with essential nutrients, the combination of the following nutrients makes them a very interesting food to include in a diet:

- Healthy fats:

Omega 3, benefit cardiovascular and brain health.

Monounsaturated fatty acids, they help reduce LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids, important for cellular function and heart health.

- Proteins: Useful for vegan and vegetarian diets, since they are high-quality vegetable proteins.

- Fiber: Helps digestion, contributes to the feeling of satiety and regulates blood sugar.

- Vitamins:

Vitamin E, protects cells from oxidative damage, as it works as an antioxidant.

- Minerals:

Magnesium, regulates blood pressure and protein synthesis, essential for muscle and nerve function.

Copper, helps with the health of the immune system as it forms red blood cells.

Phosphorus, helps with DNA synthesis and the formation of bones and teeth.

Selenium, crucial for thyroid function, in addition to acting as an antioxidant.

Manganese, essential for metabolism.

Nut Nutrients
Benefits of walnuts


According to science, regular consumption of this superfood is beneficial for the nervous, digestive, cardiovascular and reproductive systems. It also helps improve sleep, memory and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, in addition to helping with liver health.

We are going to highlight some of its properties and benefits:

- They help with weight loss: Although it is a food with many calories, its moderate consumption is beneficial for weight loss, since it reduces the feeling of hunger. It is a nutritious and energetic food, rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates.

- Improve mood: These nuts increase serotonin levels, reducing the feeling of hunger and making us feel in a better mood.

- They are anti-inflammatory: Contains polyphenols, compounds with anti-inflammatory activity. Inflammation processes and oxidative stress are the causes of many diseases such as Alzheimer's, some types of cancer or cardiovascular pathologies.

- It can improve blood circulation: Due to the concentration of Vitamin B3. It also relaxes the blood vessels and therefore reduces the possibility of suffering cardiovascular problems.

- They improve the nervous system: Thanks to the polyunsaturated fats, Vitamin E and polyphenols, the brain from oxidative and inflammatory damage. Brain function is related to memory, mental flexibility and processing speed.

- They help with intestinal health: Walnuts can promote a healthy composition of the intestinal microbiota , that is, they are related to better intestinal health and even general health.


Nuts can be incorporated into the diet in various ways and thus make the most of their properties. You can consume them as walnut cream, ground walnut, natural walnuts...

Different ways to add them:

- In salads or sautéed vegetables, to give it a more nutritious touch.

- In fruit salads.

- You can mix it in your breakfasts with oat flakes or granola, either with milk or yogurt.

- As a decoration on breads or biscuits.

- Add them chopped to your dishes. pasta.

- Use them crushed to make sauces and dressings.

- Add them with fresh cheese or cottage cheese and a touch of honey.

- As a topping on the toast or salty pancakes with lettuce, pepper, avocado tomato... or if you prefer a sweeter option with blueberries, strawberries, honey...

You must remember that they have to be consumed in moderation, It would be around a handful (about 20-30 grams).

Recipe with walnuts

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