trenza mudejar
trenza mudejar

Mudejar braid

As we have already been teaching Teruel gastronomy we could not ignore this confectionery jewel, in this blog entry we will focus on sweets, especially towards a very typical sweet of Teruel.

The Mudejar braid is considered the most typical sweet of Teruel. Without discrediting others that also make up a banner for the province and that we also collect in our online store. Typical sweets such as:

  • Soul cakes
  • Mostachons or Spanish
  • Lover's sighs

Mudejar braid

The Mudejar braid, a sweet whose shape evokes the ornamental motifs of Mudejar art. The dough is made with butter and is accompanied by nuts and raisins in its most classic variant. It is also presented with cream and chocolate filling in some places.

Its origin is disputed in the different regions and while in Teruel it is known as Mudejar. In Teruel capital we would have this characteristic sweet, which in other parts of the province and community would be known by other names, such as Huesca Braid.

The recipe is similar although it has variations with regarding the Huesca braid.

Many times there are conflicts over whether the Mudejar braid has anything to do with the Almudévar braid, it is difficult to explain this, since the The similarity of their products suggests that they are very similar products

According to what they say, these products come from Central Europe, many people say that they met on the border between Aragón and La Rioja .

But the truth is that the exact origin of this sweet is not known.

Due to the popularity and delicious taste of these braids, they have spread to other places in the Spanish geography and you can already buy and eat them in some places in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Zaragoza, Bilbao.

We invite you to go through the center of Teruel to be able to buy these wonderful sweets, in addition to serving you with charm, they will give you a quality product that is difficult to forget its flavor.

Mudejar braid

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