What foods should we eat during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the biggest concerns that we have for our correct health, and that is that having a tiny being within us for 9 months is something that affects the performance and effort of the person.

All women who become pregnant go to family and friends in order to hear previous experiences that recommend healthy habits for pregnant people.

That is why the amount of information received comes into play with the words of who is really going to help and advise us in our diet and habits, this will be the gynecologist, who will be the reference person who will tell us everything.

Once this happens, various factors enter us prevent eating various foods because the necessary antibodies are not generated.

For proper health in pregnancy, women They must do different tests to know if certain components that our body needs, in this case the antibodies are present or are being generated correctly.

For this reason, during pregnancy it is essential to try to eat as little as possible foods that are processed. In this article we want to talk about the foods that you should eat during pregnancy.

We must emphasize that a pregnant woman must carry a balanced diet, it is not about eating more, if not eating in a balanced way and foods that give us the nutritional and energy we need. Therefore, the recommended calories for a person (which are 2000kcal) will have to be added 300kcal for being pregnant. The question is not to eat for two, it is to nourish for two, in a balanced way.

During pregnancy, a woman experiences many changes that are important in terms of her attitude or character. That is why it is essential to consider a correct diet to be as strong as possible:

It will be important to have a significant calorific intake, and this will be provided by bread, pasta and potatoes, these foods during the first months of pregnancy will provide us with 70% of our nutritional contribution.

Milk, skimmed or semi-skimmed, will be crucial for the correct development of the embryo, since the calcium that the milk carries will provide us with many defenses and antibodies. Besides being a fundamental source for the proper development of the baby's bones, nails and teeth.

Legumes and field vegetables will be very important to promote the correct growth of our baby and its correct metabolic functioning.

We must take animal proteins, which will ultimately give us the strength necessary to overcome these nine months, when we talk about animal proteins, we talk about meat, eggs, and all kinds of fish, as long as we cook them.

It will be important to take extra virgin olive oil for our proper nutrition, this type of food will help us to strengthen our cellular membership structure.

What foods we can not eat during pregnancy

We must stop drinking all kinds of beverages that affect the normal state of the body, including coffee, caffeinated beverages, tea. This is due to the fact that drinking these drinks will change our metabolic and intestinal rhythm and this can generate great problems in the embryo, which is why the consumption of this type of drink is strictly prohibited.

We will not be able to drink sugary drinks such as coca cola, orange fantasy, energy drinks, etc. Excess sugar is very bad for the body, much more if it is in an advanced state of pregnancy, which can affect our correct development of our baby.

Avoid eating the liver of any animal, as it may cause problems in the fetus.

Salads or Vegetables that are not well handled may generate toxoplasmosis, so it is important to take into consideration a correct washing of any food to avoid contracting toxoplasmosis.

Avoid everything that has to do with red fish, that is why the high percentage of heavy metals cause problems in our body.

Avoid foods that make digestion difficult and heavy. Normally our body already recognizes the type of foods that generate this type of difficult digestion, so it will be important to always avoid this type of food as it can cause considerable discomfort to us and the baby we carry.

What foods we can not eat during pregnancy
What foods we are prohibited during pregnancy

What foods we are prohibited during pregnancy

Sausages are foods that should not be eaten, since they are foods that can get us toxoplasmosis, it is possible to eat fresh cooked sausages.

All types of cheeses that we do not know about their production process, it is strictly forbidden to take unpasteurized cheeses. It is recommended to take all kinds of fresh cheeses during pregnancy, since in case of taking cured or semi-cured cheeses made with raw milk, we run the risk of contracting listeria.

As with cold cuts, we will have to avoid all kinds of raw meats regardless of the origin of the animal.

In fish the same, the consumption of raw fish is totally prohibited.

Avoid all kinds of elaborate desserts, yogurts, creams, etc

It is forbidden not to smoke during pregnancy due to the problems that can be generated to the embryo with this dangerous drug.

Recommendations during pregnancy

Avoid as much as possible sudden changes in temperature that require an inconsistent and poorly distributed hydration level. In any case, drinking plenty of water during pregnancy will keep us fit and hydrated. Therefore, it is recommended to drink between 3 and 4 liters to be constantly hydrated.

Eat lots of protein foods to have important energy reserves . Thus, it is necessary to increase the pieces of fruit from 5 to 8 to achieve a hydrated body with carbohydrates.

It will be important to go for a walk for a long time to be agile, sport in an ideal amount will be important for the correct functioning of our body, and the correct development of our baby.

We hope you liked this post on recommendations regarding nutrition and healthy recommendations. We are available to clarify any type of doubt, and about not being governed by recommendations of family or friends, always go to your gynecologist who will be the person who should indicate the foods that you should take during your pregnancy.

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