What to visiti in Teruel capital

What to visit in Teruel capital

Teruel is the smallest provincial capital in Spain, but even though it is so small, it hides monuments in its corners that will leave you speechless. What to see in Teruel capital and what to visit in Teruel.

In this blog entry we talk about what we can visit in Teruel capital, but the next.

entrance we will collect the gastronomy and typical dishes of Teruel.

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What to visit in Teruel?

Teruel is a province in the south of Aragon, one of the most beautiful in Spain. but it is still unknown. The capital is nourished by careful Mudejar art, as well as modernist art from the early 1900s. It also has current avant-garde architecture in certain parts of the city.

At the moment we have not talked about what to visit in the capital, but we will talk later about the monuments that this wonderful capital contains. It is important to emphasize that in the province not only the capital stands out, it is the province with the most beautiful towns in Spain

What to visit in Teruel Capital?


This architecture stands out for being typical of the times in which the Muslims settled in the peninsula. They use the clays and ceramics of the area, green and white ceramics predominate and with rounded shapes.

The most important thing to visit in Teruel is its Mudejar style that speaks for itself with the following monuments.

The Mudejar of the city dates back to the 14th century.

San Salvador Tower

San Martin Tower

St. Peter's Church

Cathedral of Santa María de Mediavilla

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986

Catedral de Santa María de Mediavilla

Catedral de Santa María de Mediavilla

Modernist art

Casa la madrileña


Modernist art came from Pablo Monguió, this Spanish architect was born in Tarragona and spent his life as a provincial architect, he studied with the famous Antonio Gaudi. In Teruel he designed several houses with a modernist style:

  • Madrid house
  • Ferran House
  • Casa el Torico

In addition, the church of Villaspesa, the façade of the cathedral or the Marin theater should be highlighted.

What else to visit in Teruel?

We have talked about the main architectural arts that the city has.

But really we have still left many things to visit and we highlight it in the following points:

  • Plaza del Torico, a reference square for all Turolenses.
  • The arches and the market.
  • Dinópolis, a park aimed at explaining the history of dinosaurs in the province. Ideal to go with the family.
  • Ovalo, remodeled a few years ago, shows an avant-garde and current architecture.
El Torico

El Torico



Beautiful towns of Teruel

Teruel is the province with the most beautiful towns in Spain. It is a province that consists of 236 towns, divided into 10 counties. It is the tenth largest province in all of Spain.

The towns considered the most beautiful in the guide to beautiful towns in Spain:

  • Valderrobres
  • Calaceite
  • Albarracin
  • Rubielos de Mora
  • Puertomingalvo
  • Cantavieja

In addition to these, we recommend all that you can visit, because they all have their charm, but we especially recommend these:

  • La Fresneda
  • Beceite
  • Cuevas de Cañart
  • Puertomingalvo
  • Alcaine
  • Bronchales
  • Orihuela del tremedal
  • Mora de Rubielos


El Torico

El Torico





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