News about lactose-free sausages

At present the food range is very wide and specific, and it continues to be more so every day. The food development is shocking and at the same time alarming.

Every day we meet more people who suffer intolerances to various foods and it is that every day how We have already said, the food is much more specialized.

It is estimated that 75% are lactose intolerant, and with this we want say that it is unable to properly digest the main sugar in milk, which is lactose.

Possible lactose intolerances

So there are three ways to feel that you are really lactose intolerant, one of them is that at some point the consumption of dairy has been excessive and that is that you may have low amounts of the enzyme which is in charge of digesting milk sugar (or how lactose is the same)

Another way and that is usually A temporary way is that your body is developing an intestinal problem, at most they are usually problems that are generated temporarily, but it is clear that they affect the time of digestion of lactose, and that generate swelling, pain in head and great discomfort.

Normally, although it does not always occur due to irreversible problems that stop producing the lactase enzyme, this occurs in adulthood and is that the body is able to stop producing this enzyme when it ages, and it is that by lowering our milk consumption, our The production of this enzyme, which is what divides the sugar in milk.

Know when lactose intolerance occurs

It is clear that when you are lactose intolerant the sensation is early. Normally a lactose intolerant, in 30 minutes he begins to notice different sensations that generate a very alarming personal discomfort.

The sensations vary in function of the person, but it is true that these tend to be the most common:

- Dizziness

- Vomiting

- Nausea

- Feeling of bloating

- Headache

- Sensation of going to the bathroom constantly

Affects diet

Currently, to speak of lactose intolerance is to speak in very generic terms, and we say it for the simple fact that most of the products we consume, whether in our homes, in the office, they contain lactose or traces of milk at work.

Keep in mind that diagnosing this is not easy, and that it must be a food specialist who indicates whether or not it is really an intolerance or not a type of allergy derived from the consumption of certain foods.

Lactose-free sausages

It is clear how we have already said that most foods contain lactose, but for this reason we should not stop consuming them, not if the indicated specialist tells us otherwise.

We are going to talk about dairy-free sausages for all intolerant to it, we and we speak from experience we are experts in the elaboration of sausages, and we tell you the truth THERE ARE SOME SAUSAGES THAT HAVE LACTOSE! but don't worry because NOT ALL SAUSAGES HAVE LACTOSE!

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Other lactose-free sausages are fuet with fine herbs and the sweet sausages

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We hope that you liked the post about lactose-free food oriented to sausages , and any questions you may have about it we will answer you in the best way possible way.

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