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A post dedicated to Teruel tourism, a tourism that spreads like foam due to its quality, so much so is the charm that Teruel is generating outside its territory, that many important newspapers are echoing , like vogue, the herald of Aragon and many more.

The repercussion is such that Teruel is branded as one of the provinces with the most important rural tourism in Spain, a quality tourism that is perceived in the 10 regions, and that each one of them with its characteristic touch makes Teruel a unique province.

This post today is dedicated to tourism in the Mataraña area, one of the most important areas of Teruel tourism, its proximity to areas such as Catalan and Valencia, make it an area of special importance for this tourism, a tourism that seeks tranquility, and at the same time adventures, within this unusual place like Mataraña Turolense .

This August, we have had the opportunity to visit the entire region of Mataraña, the Spanish t oscana that many name is in Teruel, and the truth is that for a Teruel, from Villastar in particular, has surprised him in a very pleasant way. Its landscape, its tourism, its people and its good work make this area a reference in Teruel province, a reference of quality, at affordable prices for tourists. I don't get confused any more, and I'll go on to talk about Matarraña , its tourism and life there. The Matarraña , the Matarraña region, is an area between the Bajo Aragón and Maestrazgo regions , this region is bordering Catalonia, and consists of 18 towns with great wealth, the spoken language is Catalan, since this territory was invaded by colonies from Lleida , Catalan and Spanish are part of its day, it was not the proximity to Catalonia but the invasion by of Catalan settlers who would make this area speak Catalan. The Mataraña currently has 18 towns distributed throughout the region, and very close to each other, with the capital of the region being Valderrobres , the towns in their entirety add up to a number of inhabitants of 9000. Its inhabitants live mainly from agriculture, livestock and tourism , tourism being a very high source of income in the region, since many people do not know that the Matarraña has 2000 beds for its visitors, that is, an average of 25% of its inhabitants, another thing to emphasize and is very important is its ham drying rooms located throughout the region, and which are of special importance, since They were pioneers in ham of designation of origin , these dryers have their own feed factories, which employ a large number of the population.

Catalan is spoken here!

This typical phrase from the area It is said because many people think that Chapurriau is spoken, the linguistic term of the area, but the inhabitants of the same do not agree, since Mataraña speaks Catalan .

As we mentioned, the region of Mataraña , its main source of income is tourism, a tourism very well distributed in its 18 towns that make it up.

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