At Christmas, we get together and share with our loved ones more than love and affection .

We celebrate events, sing songs and exchange gifts.

Faced with that, sometimes difficult, annual decision in which we choose gifts for our guests, we propose a gourmet approach.

Gourmet gift for this Christmas

For the winter holidays we will always find a series of elements that cannot be missing, such as Christmas cards , Christmas decorations , Christmas decorations and Christmas carols . But if we think about it, there is something around which all those elements are orchestrated. Everything is built around the events in which we meet as group meals .

Whether it is a family reunion, a meeting of friends or for work. These councils are prepared in the form of lunch or dinner. Somehow something so from day to day becomes an appointment marked on our calendar. We meet face to face at a table and share Christmas meals as a special event. So we usually start with starters and appetizers, we go through various dishes and extend the after-dinner with sweet drinks.

These are dinners and long-awaited meals, we get ready and share our best side either at a company dinner or the most familiar Christmas Eve.So it is not of less importance what we eat, there are products that we consume seasonally and are reserved for these dates, but it is also common on these dates to promote the product of great gastronomic value. That is why at Degusta Teruel we are committed to gourmet gifts  for these dates.

We propose you to kill two birds with one stone, and, as we have said, they are dates to share and exchange gifts and gifts; in the same way in which we pay homage with various banquets and delicatessen. Thus, from our online store we invite you to browse our catalog to surprise yours with the most select products from the Teruel area. You will find from wines to nougat, passing through those gastronomic jewels that have given lower Aragon its name, such as black truffle and as Serrano ham .

Whether to compose a basket or as a contribution to a centerpiece, we offer you a wide selection of gourmet products from all food groups:

  • Drinks: Wines and cavas
  • Meats: various sausages, game products, cured meats and made from pork
  • Fish and seafood : caviar and smoked sturgeon
  • Sweets: nougat, typical sweets, gourmet jams and honey
  • Preserves: canned poultry, foie and other duck products
  • Gluten-free products
Gourmet gift for this Christmas
Gourmet gift for this Christmas

At Degusta Teruel we serve both individuals and professionals. Business gifts are something that is generally reserved for Christmas, so we create our lots to meet that demand. We select our products and create Christmas baskets for companies, with which we consider safe bets on our products. We work prices for all types of budgets, from the most affordable to the most premium selections.

In our catalog you will find selections made up for all kinds of occasions, from lots of sausages with sweet motifs, to selections made around the teruel ham .

Create your own basket of gourmet products with us. Contact us and we will create a batch to suit you. To fill your Christmas with unique flavors. At Degusta Teruel, we adapt to you.

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