Aragonese crumbs
Aragonese crumbs

Aragonese crumbs

We return with the typical dishes of Teruel capitall, in this case, migas de Teruel.

Due to the ancient times of grandparents and great-grandparents, where the ways of living were very different from those of today. All kinds of resources were used, both from the pig and from the field. For this reason, when the bread was finished and there was leftover, the bread became hard as time passed, this hardness of the bread was used to make one of the most typical dishes of Teruel, the migas Teruel.

How are the crumbs made?

First of all, the hard bread is crushed, normally the contour of the bread is used more due to its hardness, this contour in Teruel terms is called a cuscurro de pan.

After this, this crushed bread moistens in brine overnight.

Before preparing them, usually half an hour or an hour before, put all the crumbs in a pan and fry with garlic and oil that leave a golden color.

Before this was enough, today pork chorizo ​​and grapes are added to have a dish with better presentation.

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