Tray of Aragon's oldest cheeses

Tray of Aragon's oldest cheeses

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Tray of Aragon's oldest cheeses made up of:

- 250 grams of Patamulo cheese

- 250 grams of Tonelito cheese

- 250 grams of Fanbar cheese


PRODUCT INFORMATION "Tray of Aragon's oldest cheeses"

Degusta Teruel cheeses are artisan cheeses, selecting with great priority and work, the best artisans in Teruel, cheese factories such as Sierra de Albarracín, Rodenas cheese factory and Tronchón cheese factory, these cheese factories are recognized nationally and internationally for their quality. For its cheeses, a cheese factory like Albarracín has received many awards, highlighting the World Cheese Awards, international awards that once again place them in first position among the most awarded cheese factories in Spain. Degusta Teruel cheeses are cheeses from sheep and goat milk, they are high quality cheeses, and they have that artisanal touch that characterizes them. The famous Tronchón cheese that continues to have a great impact due to its fame and flavor.

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