At Degusta Teruel, we are happy to offer you a new experience to try our most select products. We added a new category and it is charcuterie, cheese and ham boards. All our trays are made with products from the province of Teruel, selected to guarantee the best quality and artisanal preparation to provide you with an authentic flavor.

cheese, ham and sausage boards
ham tray

DOP Ham and More: The Taste of Teruel

The ham boards are the star product of Degusta Teruel, so we take maximum care of their quality. Our hams come from the best pigs in the province of Teruel, to give you the best quality. The curing of these hams is natural, with an open window, so the hams do not have excess salt since a large amount of salting is not used for their curing. They also undergo a slow and meticulous curing process that highlights their exceptional flavor and incomparable texture.

The Wild Flavors of Teruel: Deer, Pork and Wild Boar Sausages

Our game sausages are prepared following traditional recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, combining the highest quality ingredients with artisanal techniques that highlight the natural flavor of the meat. The venison provides a unique depth of flavor, while the pork adds a characteristic juiciness and the wild boar offers a touch of intensity and robustness.

Each variety of sausage that we offer at Degusta Teruel is a testimony of our commitment to excellence and authenticity. From sausages and chorizos to cured meats and sausages, each product is the result of years of experience and dedication to culinary craftsmanship. With each bite, we invite you to discover and enjoy the gastronomic richness of Teruel, where wild nature meets culinary tradition in perfect harmony.

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Cheese Delights of Teruel: Traditional and Artisan Flavors

Our cheeses come from places with the most tradition, such as the oldest cheese factory in Teruel, the cheeses from Tronchón, the cheeses from the Albarracín mountain range, a true delight for cheese lovers. Handcrafted with the highest quality milk, these cheeses encapsulate the unique flavor of the region and are the perfect complement to our sausages and hams.

Gourmet Tables in Every Cut

At Degusta Teruel, we understand the importance of a precise cut to highlight the qualities of each product. Each type of sausage, cheese and ham requires special treatment, and our expert cutters are trained to ensure that each slice is served with the perfection it deserves.

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