Ecological ham

Ecological ham

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Weight: 7kg - 7.5kg | 7.5kg - 8kg | 8kg - 8.5kg | 8.5kg - 9kg

Serrano ham cataloged with the ecological seal.

Handcrafted product.


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The animals have enough space so that the land does not suffer erosion or contamination by excess manure. Care in the selection of breeds prioritizes that the animals are adopted to this land, since preventive antibiotic treatments are not applied.

They grow and develop simply, at the pace set by nature and with respect for the time necessary for breastfeeding.
They feed on organic forages and feed that preferably come from the same farm in the one they inhabit.

They have 01 open air space for running and accommodation with large, clean and adequate surfaces.

The dignity and integrity of the animals is guaranteed until the end of their life and, both the transport and the slaughter of the pigs are carried out according to the strict regulations of care and stress reduction. 

Features :

  • Healing : 24 months
  • Origin: White pig
  • Piece with hoof and bark
  • Weight : 7kg - 7.5kg | 7.5kg - 8kg | 8kg - 8.5kg | 8.5kg - 9kg
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