Boneless ham
Boneless ham
Boneless ham
Boneless ham

Boneless ham

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Weight: 5kg.

Natural curing 16 months.

Boneless Serrano ham.


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PRODUCT INFORMATION "Boneless Skinless Duroc Ham"

Naturally dried ham.

Vacuum packed.

Healing: More than 16 months.

Approximate weight: 5-6kg.

What is Skinless Boneless Duroc Ham?

Duroc ham is a type of cured ham that comes from pigs of the Duroc breed. The Duroc breed is known for having juicy, marbled meat, which results in a distinctive flavor and texture in the ham.

Duroc pigs originate from the United States and are characterized by having meat with a high intramuscular fat content, which contributes to its flavor and tenderness. Duroc ham is prized for its intense flavor and juiciness. Its fat-marbled meat gives it a smooth texture and more pronounced flavor compared to other types of ham. It is important to note that the quality and flavor of Duroc ham may vary depending on the diet and the conditions of the pigs' rearing.

duroc pig
It does not have
It does not have
Type of ham:
Serrano ham
More than 20 months
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