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Does a whole ham seem like a lot to you? Affordable and small format, ideal for any location.

Weight: 1.5kg.

Serrano ham, easy to cut.

Ham countermaza.

  • 1,5kg

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Weight: 1.5 kg.

Type of ham : Serrano ham.

What is a CONTRAMAZA of ham?

The contramaza of a ham refers to a specific part of the piece of ham. It is an area located on the opposite side of the maza, which is the largest and meatiest part of the ham.

The contramaza is a narrower and thinner section of the ham, located in the lower or rear part of the ham. same. It has a smaller amount of meat and is usually covered by a layer of fat that gives the ham flavor and juiciness during the curing process.

Although the contramaza may have less meat, it is still a highly prized part for its flavor and texture. In some cases, the contramaza can have a more intense flavor due to the concentration of fat and other flavors developed during the curing process.

The contramaza can be sliced thin just like the maza, and It is used to make sandwiches, tapas, sausage dishes, among others. Each part of the ham, including the contramaza, can have its own characteristics of flavor and texture, so it is common to enjoy the whole piece instead of discarding any of its parts.

In summary, the contramaza It is a part of the ham located on the opposite side of the mallet. Although it has less meat than the mace, it is still valued for its flavor and texture, and is used in different culinary preparations.

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Type of ham:
Serrano ham
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