regañao de jamón
regañao de jamón


Searching in the idiosyncratic gastronomy of this land, we have searched and dived into its capital. In Teruel we have found something that we wanted to show you, the scolding. A meal between meals par excellence, a snack that you always want, whether it's ham, bacon and sardines. History does not reflect since when this typical Teruel snack is consumed. Yes, we can say that it has accompanied the gastronomic tradition of Teruel for centuries.

Some of you may already know it, but others who do not know it, we will explain it to you right now.

Traditional scolding

regañao de jamón

Elaboration of the Regañao

First we prepare homemade bread dough, once this is done, we mix the dough with extra virgin olive oil from Bajo Aragón.

Stretch the dough and place the slices of ham, depending on the length that we have given it, it will be 3 or 4 slices of ham to put.

Once this is done, we put the peppers in the orphaned parts of the bread dough and spread a little oil above and put in the oven at a temperature of 200º pre-heated, when the dough has a golden color it will be time to take it out and enjoy the flavor of the scolded Teruel.

How to enjoy this product?

Well, always from the best possible company, an albarracin cheese, and a wine from the Maestrazgo.

We hope you like this new blog entry .

This product has a tradition to be eaten in the heifer of the angel, just on the Sunday of the holidays when everyone goes to the plaza to see the heifers and the roped bulls that will run on the Monday of the holidays.

Composition of the regañao

The regañao from Teruel is made up of the following products:

  • Slices of Teruel Ham.
  • 1 bread dough.
  • Olive oil
  • Red pepper

Teruel ham does not have to be a designation of origin, the scolded is taken with slices of Teruel ham of the Duroc breed.

The bread dough will be artisan, today the work and elaboration of this product that has deep roots from all over Spain, and its flavor leaves no one indifferent.

Olive oil comes from Bajo Aragón, being an exclusive Teruel product with all its raw materials grown in Teruel.

The red pepper comes from the different orchards of Teruel, normally it is red pepper although it may be green depending on the location.

regañao de jamón

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