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Black Truffle (40g) with Slicer
Black Truffle (40g) with Slicer
Black Truffle (40g) with Slicer
Black Truffle (40g) with Slicer
Black Truffle (40g) with Slicer
Black Truffle (40g) with Slicer

Black Truffle (40g) with Slicer

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Truffle kit

Black truffle 40g + mandolin truffle laminator

Tuber menalosporum

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40g truffle kit + rolling mandolin

Truffle Features:

  • Type of truffle: tuber menalosporum or black winter truffle
  • Weight: 40gr.

Characteristics of the rolling mandolin:

  • Presentation: Stainless steel mandolin
  • Weight  120gr

PRODUCT INFORMATION "40g truffle kit + Mandolin slicer"

Without preservatives or colorings

Net weight: 40gr

Consume in: 7 to 10 days

What is the 40g truffle kit + rolling mandolin ?

The Teruel Truffle Kit 40g + Mandolin Slicer, also known as black truffle or melanosporum truffle, is one of the most valued and sought after truffle varieties by culinary experts due to its powerful aroma and flavor.

Truffles are actually a fungus that grows underground in the roots of trees such as holm oaks or oaks. It is extracted with dogs trained for olfactory search during the months of November to March, but this may vary depending on weather conditions.

The Teruel black truffle has a rounded or irregular shape and a rough surface. Its external color can vary from dark brown to black, while its interior, known as gleba, has a dark color with white veins. Its aroma is intense and distinctive, with earthy notes and sometimes with hints of chocolate and nuts.

Kit trufa 40g + Mandolina laminadora

How to use the 40g truffle kit + Mandolin slicer?

The Truffle Kit 40g + Mandoline Slicer is a mushroom that is never consumed directly unless it is taken in small slices or grated. To prepare it, special truffle utensils are used, such as a truffle mandoline or a truffle grater.

This mushroom is mixed with different products or dishes that will be enhanced in aroma and flavor. Consumption can be made from fresh truffle or canned truffle.

It is usually applied to already prepared stews. Implementing the sheets to impregnate them with their flavor or grating the truffle on the same dishes.

Conservation of truffles 40gr

When buying 40g truffle kit + Rolling Mandolin, you must keep in mind that the truffle is a mushroom that, once harvested, remains in perfect condition for between 7 and 10 days. It is important to emphasize that consumption must be carried out during this time. If kept in an airtight container, it must be opened at least once a day so that the mushroom can breathe.

The storage of the mushroom must be carried out at a temperature between 0º and 4º. Once the black truffle is received, it should be kept in rice or paper that absorbs the moisture to a greater extent, since this could cause the organoleptic qualities to be lost and deteriorate.

Another way to preserve it, if it is not going to be consumed, is to freeze it. Also, on many occasions, brandy or olive oil is used to keep the truffle in optimal conditions.

Kit trufa 40g + Mandolina laminadora

Characteristics of the 40g truffle kit + Mandolin slicer

Presentation: Stainless steel mandolin

Weight: 120g

Kit trufa 40g + Mandolina laminadora
It does not have
It does not have
Truffle variety:
Tuber melanosporum

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