Níscalo or Rebollón
Níscalo or Rebollón

Níscalo or Rebollón

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Níscalos or rebollones


Collected in Teruel.



PRODUCT INFORMATION "Níscalo or Rebollón"

In our area we have two species of Rebollón: Lactarius deliciosus and Lactarius sanguifolius. Both robellones have a reddish color, with a cap between 5 and 15 cm, with thin and tight blades, a cylindrical and hollow stem with compact flesh. It grows in autumn in pine forests or mixed forests. In terms of flavor, Lactarius sanguifolius is tastier even though it is not as attractive, cooked on the grill or in the oven... it is excellent. It is a highly appreciated mushroom, especially in Catalonia.

Níscalo or Rebollon

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From February to November