Large reserve ham tray

Large reserve ham tray

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Tray of Gran Reserva ham composed of:

- 500 grams of Gran Reserva ham



PRODUCT INFORMATION "Gran reserva ham tray"

Gran Reserva ham is one of the most cured Serrano hams. This ham is characterized by having a very long curing process, which normally exceeds 18 months, although this time may vary depending on the manufacturer. During the curing time, the ham is subjected to controlled temperature and humidity conditions, which causes the characteristic flavor and aromas of this type of ham to develop.

Having a prolonged curing causes the fat of the ham to be distributed evenly in the muscle tissue of the leg, which leads to the ham having a more intense flavor and a soft, juicy texture. Furthermore, Gran Reserva hams usually present greater infiltration of intramuscular fat, which gives rise to a ham with greater unctuousness and a more enriching taste experience.

When a ham is a gran reserva it is because it is an indication of quality that distinguishes hams that have gone through a long period of curing and that therefore have a superior quality in terms of flavor and texture.

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