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Enjoy the authentic flavor of ham in convenient trays cut and vacuum packed. Guaranteed freshness for your moments of craving or meetings.

Ham trays

Sliced and vacuum-packaged ham offers a convenient and practical solution for consumers, being ready for immediate consumption without the need for manual cutting. This packaging method extends the shelf life of the product, preserving its freshness, flavor and texture for longer, while guaranteeing high standards of hygiene and food safety. Furthermore, vacuum packaging preserves the organoleptic properties of the ham, allowing you to enjoy its authentic flavor at any time and in a variety of dishes and recipes. This combination of convenience, durability and quality makes sliced and vacuum-packed ham a popular and versatile option for lovers of this delicious product.

ham trays
ham trays

Types of ham in trays

Serrano Ham: It comes from pigs of different breeds, generally white pigs, and its curing usually takes at least 12 months. Serrano ham is characterized by its mild and balanced flavor, as well as its firm and juicy texture.

Iberian Ham: Considered a gourmet delicacy, Iberian ham is made from Iberian pigs. This type of ham is distinguished by its intense flavor and aroma, as well as its unctuous and marbled texture of infiltrated fat. It is classified according to the pig's diet as acorn-fed Iberian ham (fed mainly with acorns) and Iberian bait ham (fed with feed and natural resources).

Gran Reserva Ham: This type of ham stands out for its long curing period, which can exceed 18 months and even reach up to 36 months. During this time, the ham undergoes a slow and careful maturation process that allows its flavor and aroma to develop optimally. Gran Reserva ham usually offers a more pronounced flavor and a softer and more delicate texture than other types of ham.

Denomination of Origin of Teruel: This type of ham is made following strict quality standards and traditional procedures. It is characterized by its delicate and balanced flavor, as well as its juicy and tender texture. Ham with the Teruel Designation of Origin is recognized for its quality and authenticity, being an option appreciated by lovers of good ham.

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