Sausage from Aragon
Sausage from Aragon
Sausage from Aragon
Sausage from Aragon
Sausage from Aragon
Sausage from Aragon
Sausage from Aragon
Sausage from Aragon

Sausage from Aragon

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Longaniza de Aragón, typical product of Aragón.

Net weight: 250gr

Crafted in an artisanal way with lean pork and belly. Easy consumption.

Ideal to consume with Teruel Ham.

Does not contain gluten, does not contain lactose.

  • 250gr

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Sanitary registration: 10.025665/TE

Ingredients: Lean pork and bacon, salt, lactose, corn dextrin, spices, skimmed milk, soy protein, dextrose, sugar, E452i, trisodium citrate, E316, E621, preservative E252, coloring E120.

Net weight: 250g .

Nutritional value: Energy value 497 kCal, Fats 44 g, of which saturated 17 g, Carbohydrates 3.6g, of which sugars 1.6 g, Proteins 22.4g, salt 4.75g.

Best before: 1 year from the date of packaging.

Presentation: Packaged at Empty.

Storage: Cool, dry place. Store in the refrigerator once opened.

Use: It is mainly used for appetizers and starters.


It is possibly the most typical sausage from Aragon, perhaps the oldest and the first to have the Aragon artisan food stamp.

It is a sausage that dates back to the mondongo stage, a pig slaughter that was made in all houses and that supplied families with pork throughout the year.

Sausages in gastronomy aragonesa have special relevance, due to the incidence of the white pig within the territory. Mainly sausages, but chorizos, sausages and other products are not far behind.

All sausages have a special regulation that characterizes them.

Sausage from Aragon


The sausage from Aragón is a traditional sausage made with pork and bacon.

In addition to these components, it often contains salt, pepper and other additives that give the sausage its unique characteristics .

By regulations, the Aragon sausage must contain a minimum of 70% lean pork and a maximum of 30% bacon.

The shape of the sausage will be horseshoe-shaped with a length between 20 cm and 40 cm, this same sausage can be presented both cured and fresh. It is important to indicate that the use of artificial colors is prohibited. totally prohibited.

In addition, the sausage from Aragón is made thanks to the use of the natural casings of the pig.


The sausage from Aragón is very commonly consumed for appetizers, starters or for snack time or lunch.

It is a very typical sausage to be consumed with red vermouth or red wine , among others, in addition to usually being presented with ham and cheese.

It is a fatty product, so it is recommended to consume it infrequently, among many things.

Aragon sausage appetizer

Recipes with Aragonese sausage

The sausage from Aragón is a cured sausage that is served cut into slices and can be used as an appetizer along with many other appetizers. Here we leave you some ideas on how to use the Aragon sausage.

- In cheese boards with sausages: One of the options to eat the sausage from Aragon is together with other cheeses from the area , other sausages, such as both sweet and spicy sausages, with game sausages or cured meats.

- In sandwiches: Another option to eat the Aragon sausage is in a sandwich, you can put the sliced Aragon sausage inside the sandwich simply sliced or add cheese or a little tomato. This sandwich never fails.

Aragon sausage recipes
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Type of meat:
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Vacuum packed
Recommended for:
Appetizers, lunches or vermouth
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