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Sobrassada with truffle
Sobrassada with truffle
Sobrassada with truffle
Sobrassada with truffle

Sobrassada with truffle

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Net weight: 200gr

Pork sobrasada with black truffle 100% naturall.

Made with pork raw materials.


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PRODUCT INFORMATION "sobrasada with truffle"

Weight: 200 grams approx.

Format: vacuum packaging

Ingredients: pork belly, black truffle spices (tuber melanosporum), salt, dextrose, dextrin, emulsifiers (E-450, E-452), antioxidants (E-330), aromas, flavor enhancers (E-627 and E632), preservatives (E-252). No allergens.

Preferred consumption: 1 year from the date of packaging

Conservation: keep in a cool (between 7 and 10 degrees) and dry place

What is sobrasada with truffle?

Sobrasada is a sausage with a creamy consistency and intense flavor, made from pork, paprika and other ingredients. Sobrasada with truffle is made by adding grated or powdered truffle to the sobrasada mixture during its preparation, which gives it a unique and distinctive flavor and aroma.

This product is used as an appetizer, spread on toast or crackers, or as an ingredient to give flavor and aroma to dishes such as pasta, rice, eggs or meats. Sobrasada with truffle is highly appreciated by lovers of intense and sophisticated flavors, and is considered a gourmet product in today's gastronomy.

Sobrasada with truffle
if it contains
if it contains
Type of meat:
Truffle variety:
Tuber melanosporum
Recommended for:
Appetizers, lunches or vermouth

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