Ham tip
Ham tip
Ham tip
Ham tip

Serrano Ham tip

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Weight: 1.5kg

Serrano ham, easy to cut.

Ham tip.


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Weight: 1.5kg.

Serrano ham.

What is the Ham tip?

The tip of ham is a specific part of the piece of ham. It refers to the narrower and more pointed area of the ham, which is opposite the hoof of the pig.

Despite having less meat, the ham point can still have delicious flavor and aroma. The fat present in this area contributes to its juiciness and can provide characteristic flavors during the curing process.

The ham end can be used in different ways. It can be cut into thin slices to enjoy it as part of a charcuterie board or it can be used to add flavor and juiciness to cooked dishes, such as stews, soups or rice dishes.

It is important to mention that each part of the ham it has its own characteristics of flavor and texture, and the punta de ham can be appreciated by those who enjoy the variety and complexity of flavors offered by the piece as a whole.

In summary, the ham tip refers to the pointed, narrow part of the ham, opposite the hoof. Although it has less meat than other parts of the ham, it can have a delicious flavor and can be used in different culinary preparations.

ham tip
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It does not have
Type of ham:
Serrano ham
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