Sausage with wild boar
Sausage with wild boar
Sausage with wild boar
Sausage with wild boar
Sausage with wild boar
Sausage with wild boar

Sausage with wild boar

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Weight: 300 grams.

Artisan game sausage with intense flavor. Ideal for aperitifs.

Sausage with wild boar.

  • 300gr

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PRODUCT INFORMATION "Wild boar sausage"

Weight: 300 grams

Ingredients: Lean pork and belly, wild boar meat (35%), MILK powder, salt, humectant (sorbitol), dextrin, dextrose, spices, acidity regulator (E-575), aroma, flavor enhancer ( E-621), stabilizers (E-452, E-450), preservatives (E-252, E-250), antioxidant (E-392), coloring (E-120), truffle liquor.

Store in a cool, dry place

What is wild boar sausage?

Wild boar salchichón is a sausage that is made from wild boar meat. It is similar to traditional salchichón, but wild boar meat is used instead of pork, which gives it a more intense flavor.

The process of making wild boar salchichón involves finely chopping the wild boar meat and mixing it with spices and seasonings, such as pepper, salt, and other ingredients according to the specific recipe. The mixture is stuffed into a natural or artificial casing and allowed to cure and dry for a period of time, usually several weeks or months, to develop its characteristic flavor and texture.

Wild boar salchichón has an intense and smoky flavor, with wild nuances due to wild boar game meat. It is a sausage appreciated by game meat lovers and is generally consumed in thin slices as an appetizer, part of a sausage board or as an ingredient in sandwiches. Its texture is firm and its robust flavor makes it a popular choice among those who enjoy the intense and distinctive flavors of wild boar meat.

Wild boar sausage
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Vacuum packed
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Appetizers, lunches or vermouth
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