Truffle Cheese and Sheep Mushrooms

Truffle Cheese and Sheep Mushrooms

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Truffle and sheep's mushroom cheese made by hand.

For cheese lovers who want to try a unique taste experience.

Net weight: 500gr.

Maturation: more than 40 days.

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PRODUCT INFORMATION "Truffle and Sheep Mushroom Cheese"

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep's milk, tuber menalosporum and mushrooms, rennet, salt, dairy ferments. Preservative E-1105 (Extracted from egg white)

Milk: Sheep.

Maturation: more than 40 days.

Intensity of flavor: Mushrooms They enhance the flavor of the truffle.

Color: Pale yellow.

Quantity: 500gr.

Characteristics that the truffle and mushrooms provide in the cheese

The truffle and the cheese contribute to the cheese:

- The aroma and flavor: Both provide an earthy aroma and flavor, adding complexity to the cheese.

- Accompaniment in dishes: In particular, the truffle is associated with gourmet dishes, thus achieving a gastronomic experience.

- Attractive: The pieces of truffle or mushrooms are visible which makes the cheese visually attractive.

- Gastronomic versatility: It can be enjoyed served on a cheese board, melted in hot dishes such as risottos or pastas.

Truffle and Sheep Mushroom Cheese
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Type of cheese:
Type of milk:
Pasteurized sheep's milk
Type of conservation:
Vacuum packed
Más de 40 días
Recommended for:
Appetizers, lunches or vermouth
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