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    Deer fuet pepper Deer lovers can not miss the best bronchales deer sausage.

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Teruel is ham, olive, saffron and many other things that we do not yet know but that we will know in the presentation of our product line. The origin of the olive in Teruel is very broad, olive trees of millennial origin, the oldest in Spain.

Teruel makes it very recognized by the empeltre olive, type of olive that would be introduced by the Greeks, and which is very important in the Bajo AragĂłn , where is the highest oil olive production next to the Matarraña.

Characteristics of the growing area

Crops the area of ​​olive trees of the Aragon lowland consists of an area of ​​more than 37,000 hectares distributed throughout the area of ​​Lower Aragon

  • Average density of 70 olive trees per hectare
  • Composed the appellation of origin for 77 municipalities, included between the zone of Teruel and Zaragoza
  • Varieties of oliva empeltre, arbequina and royal

Buy oil olive of denomination of origin

When buying olive oil of denomination of origin we must take into account a number of factors.

The olive oil of denomination of origin of the Bajo AragĂłn refers to the whole process of cultivation, processing and packaging within the region of Bajo AragĂłn, but the difference with respect to Other oils  olive are found in color, appearance and taste, a very yellow color, with a clean appearance, no impurities and also a smooth and fluid taste.

Zones Where is olive oil?

Olive oil in Teruel is located in two regions, mainly , in the region of Matarraña , being one of the most important towns Calaceite , and in the region of Bajo Aragón , where the number of Arbequina olives is immense, a region what has it been doing for hundreds of years this economy, where many families subsist.

Buying virgin olive oil is one of the best investments in health

Teruel is one of the capitals of Spain where more is looking to boost the agri-food economy, thanks to Teruel has various factors , you can find many types of products that many people do not know, one of them is the olive oil from the AragĂłn basin, a pleasure with which to cook, and that your knowledge is not known even knowing that it is coming to Italy from the hand of certain products, a oil cataloged by the oldest in Spain.

Buying olive oil is expensive, but it is profitable, since the properties that the olive gives to the meals makes us achieve a great balance in the Mediterranean diet . So do not hesitate to buy quality oil.

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    Oil of the AragĂłn bass, Millenary oil One of the most characteristic products of the lands under Aragon, a unique crop that has remained predominant for years.

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    Olive oil from AragĂłn, appellation of origin In 0.5l format and being one of the best valued oils in Teruel

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