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The saffron from Teruel is still one of the great unknown products outside of Teruel, a product that would represent an important economic source in the area of ​​the Jiloca region many years ago. being important in Teruel, and is currently returning to resume in order to enhance their development among the youngest, the Jiloca region holds a conference in October where they indicate everything related to saffron.

Characteristics of the cultivation area

Cultivation occurs in the area of ​​the Jiloca region, an area that 30 years ago It was one of the most producing saffron in Spain.

  • Around 8 hectares
  • Saffron Jiloca is a very exploitation limited despite your knowledge, you can get around 7kg of saffron

Characteristics of the saffron of Jiloca

In order to make known all products of Teruel, Teruel tastes, reveals the saffron of Jiloca, a crop that is resuming and has the following peculiarities:

  • The saffron from Jiloca is planted during the months of July, August and September with the purpose of harvesting at the end of October.
  • Harvesting saffron is hard work, and you should pick up the saffron rose one by one, all this is transported through wicker baskets .
  • You pass to the roast of saffron where the complete loss of moisture will be sought, at this time is where the color is won, the authentic red gold

Areas where saffron is grown in Teruel

The saffron of Teruel is especially understood in the region del Jiloca , however, actions are being taken to return it to the area of ​​lower Aragón, it is a dry farming , so these areas are conducive for it.