How to enhance the flavor of truffle eggs?

Surprise your loved ones with this simple cooking recipe with national products and all the flavor of Teruel. We will use the tuber melanosporum or black truffle, a product of which the Teruel province is the largest producer worldwide.

What do we need?

We begin:

  1. We will heat abundant olive oil in a pan before opening the eggs.
  2. Once the oil is boiling, we will introduce the eggs, freely choosing the amount of these.
  3. When these are done on a plate, sauté to taste and grate or laminate the truffle taking advantage of the heat of these, waiting for its texture to change. We would have our truffled eggs ready.

It is possible to decorate with some parsley and present our recipe on bread, ratatouille, as a tapa or starter, accompanied by meat, etc.

Culinary trick Did you know what?

What would you think if we told you that you can flavor eggs even before breaking their shell? Yes, it is possible and very simple, to add to these the special taste of the truffle without having turned on the stove.

This simple trick has more value than it might seem since it brings together the taste and culinary value of the truffle, with the high nutritional value of the eggs. And it is that these contain complete chains of amino acids, essential minerals and all the vitamins that the human body needs except an appreciable amount of vitamin C, which is supplied with the truffle, which has high amounts of it. In this way, the combination gives us a huge nutritional contribution to our diet in a delicious way. These two foods seem to have been made for each other.

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