In seasons such as spring or summer, we try to avoid certain foods in order to reduce weight.

At the same time, foods are eaten to lose weight that sometimes are not They are completely reliable, but somehow a friend, co-worker or family member recommends us to lose weight.

ERROR !! Let's always follow the recommendations of nutrition experts to want to lose weight.

But .... Does Serrano ham make you fat? How many calories does it have? These are questions that we ask ourselves and that in this post we want to solve.

At present and the various studies that have been made related to pork, make us think about our way to feed ourselves .

Pork and beef are related to cholesterol, so people who have cholesterol are told not to consume this type of meat due to various problems which creates cholesterol in the long run.

The calories in Serrano ham may vary taking into account different aspects:

Breed of pig : Depending on the breed of pig, the infiltrated fat that it has is much higher, this fat will generate more calories per 100gr

Curing time of the ham: Not everything goes, that is, in a Serrano ham with a cure of 18 months, the calorific value is less than a Serrano ham with 24 months of cure.

The Serrano ham has calories between 130kcal and 350kcal, these calories depend in their measure on the factors mentioned above

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Lies about Serrano ham

Serrano ham has been one of the most affected by street slang against certain eating habits, all related to pork, has been questioned to such an extent that without knowledge Many people have decided to stop consuming it due to various opinions of well-known people.

Therefore, we come to talk to you about the lies about Serrano ham and sausages, Several studies say that Serrano ham is not healthy.

We have to take into account that Serrano ham is a processed food, In other words, it has taken some stages to be the authentic Serrano ham as we know it.

These stages make the ham get its shape and possess different unique nutritional properties.

Nutritional properties of ham per 100gr

Proteins: 25% fast-absorbing proteins

► Calcium: 12mg

► Potassium: 250mg

        Iodine: 11mg

Zinc: 2mg

► Iron: 2mg

► Vitamins: B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, D, E, K

Phosphorus: 220mg

Calories: 130kcal

Fats: 6g 

We must emphasize that ham does not have certain properties: fiber, carbohydrates, vitamin (A, B5, B7, C), sugar

After learning about the properties of Serrano ham, let's talk about the lies or myths about this rich food

Is Serrano ham bad for our health?

It is true that over-feeding, regardless of the product, is not advisable in any of the cases, but it must be noted that a varied protein diet and following the Mediterranean diet in a balanced way. HAM IS ESSENTIAL!

Ham, as we have already seen is its nutritional composition , is a food that has many proteins. These proteins are fast-absorbing amino acids.

This type of food is ideal for people who have a constant sports practice, since it has many proteins , apart from vitamins of the B and iron.

So, don't worry about how many calories a ham sandwich or sandwich can have.

Does Serrano ham generate cholesterol?

Most foods generate cholesterol, it is important to take this into account since it is very common to talk about cholesterol lightly.

Keep in mind that there is two types of cholesterols, good and bad, ham, due to the type of fatty acids it has, it can be said that it is a cholesterol controller, this does not mean that the consumption that is do the same, be done in a proper and regular way

Does Serrano ham make you fat?

The energy intake of Serrano ham is high , that is, for every 100gr they are 130kcal. That is why it is a high energy contribution.

We have to take into consideration that the diet of an adult human being must be between 1700 to 2300kcal, this amount of kcal , depends on the work done and the sport who performs is a person.

So to speak of whether a ham sandwich makes you fat or if a ham sandwich makes you fat, is To speak the wrong way, ham DOES NOT GET FAT, the excess of it can make you fat as long as there is no counter-subtraction of calories expended.

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