Homemade sausage recipe

The salchichón is a very traditional sausage in the Mediterranean diet, the flavor and its preparation go hand in hand as it is necessary to take into consideration that a correct preparation and curing make the salami have an irresistible flavor .

History of the salchichón

Salchichón is a sausage that comes from the Roman and Greek cultures, although in the dishes of the Mediterranean diet it is not very stylish, it can be said that the salchichón is part of our gastronomy since it is very common in sandwiches, and cold cuts tables.

Preparation of homemade sausage

The production of homemade salchichón dates back a decade, specifically in post-war times in Spain, where the need to have products that had a long expiration period was a reality.

The homemade sausage will be made in the winter months , it is usually made in these months due to the conditioning of the cold During production, in many houses it is called Modongo or Matapuerco.

Remember what is also done in winter to take advantage of natural healing in many cases, since on these dates it is faster.

How to make homemade salami

1.-We will use a capoladera to chop the lean meat of the pork and the bacon, we will have to go little by little so that the meat is well minced

2.-We will use a bucket to pour all the minced meat, and thus be able to work comfortably.

3.-We will mix the minced meat with the spices and the salt in the bucket, the proportion of them must be proportional to the amount of salchichones that we want to make.

4.-Once we have everything, and we have everything removed, we must let the created mass rest. At least for two days.

5.-If we are in the pig slaughter, and we have natural guts, we can use them in the event that They are bought and they will come washed. In the case of taking advantage of the natural casings, we must wash them with hot water and clean them well for an hour.

6.-Once We have left the mixture to rest, we must take the natural or purchased guts. Once we have them we will have to take one end of the gut and tie it with string, once this is done, we will use the stuffer in which we will pour all the material. Once we have the material in the stuffer, we will have to gradually take the casing and fill it with raw material.

7.- With the gut stuffed, we must prick with a needle to avoid that air balms have been generated inside the sausage.

8.- Once this is done, we must hang them in a dry and cool place, with this we will wait for 40 days for the drying process to be completed correctly. In the event that the curing is to be shortened, in many cases smoke is used so that it is cured in 10 days.

9. -Once the product is cured, we should try it, and what better way than to take a board and a good knife to be able to cut the sausage as finely as possible.

Our recommendation is to let it aerate so that the product warms up and tastes much better.

Ingredients of homemade salami

To make the best homemade salami, we must choose our ingredients correctly to get a quality sausage:

- Lean pork

- Pork belly

- Black pepper

- Fine salt

- Spices (spicy or not)

- Natural casings

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