Perretxico mushroom
Perretxico mushroom

Perretxico mushroom

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Collected in Teruel.



PRODUCT INFORMATION "Perrechico Mushroom"

Mushroom known by different names throughout Spain, the most common is perretxico, although it is also called uson or sison in the Pyrenees, moinxarnon in Catalonia, seta de san Jorge in a part of Aragon and in Teruel we know it as bujaron. The hat is cream-colored, with a rolled edge, whitish blades, and a cylindrical stem with a floury odor. It grows in spring in areas of mountain meadows with limestone soils, forming circles. It is edible and highly appreciated in Aragon, the Basque Country and Catalonia due to its firm and tender meat and its mild and fresh flavor.

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From February to November