Easter sausage
Easter sausage
Easter sausage
Easter sausage
Easter sausage
Easter sausage

Easter sausage

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Net weight: 250gr

Made with pork.

Typical product of Aragon.

  • 250gr

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Weight: 250 grams approx.

Format: Vacuum packed.

Ingredients: Lean pork and bacon, salt, lactose, corn dextrin, spices, skimmed milk , soy protein, dextrone, sugar, E452i, trosodium citrate, E316, E621, preservative E252, E-250, E-301, color E120.

Best before: 1 year from the date of packaging.

What is the Easter sausage?

The pascua sausage is a pork sausage with a cure similar to the traditional sausage, but much more cured. This type of product usually measures 1 cm in diameter. Formerly it was consumed on Easter days, but now its consumption has been extended throughout the year.

The main difference is its composition and flavor, it is sweeter than the sausage from Aragón, in addition to having other ingredients that characterize it such as cinnamon, sugar or lemon.

The Easter sausage is a very particular sausage from Aragon, which is why this The product is highly valued outside our borders.

Due to the altitude, Bronchales (1573 meters above sea level) with very cold and dry winters and mild summers, the sausage is obtained with a unique quality on the palate.

Easter sausage

How many units are there in each package of Easter sausage?

The pascua sausage package is 250gr, this package usually contains 6 and 8 pascua sausages. This consumption is mainly done at Easter, although it is true that it has now been extended to the whole year.

how to eat the easter sausage

The pascua sausage is not cooked, it is eaten directly. We always recommend taking it out a few hours before wrapping, to taste it better.

How to preserve the Easter sausage

Preferably store at room temperature, if the Easter sausage has been removed from its packaging. Keep in the fridge.

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Vacuum packed
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Appetizers, lunches or vermouth
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