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Fresh Duck Thigh

Fresh Duck Thigh

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Weight: 1kg

Approx 2 duck legs.

Ideal for appetizers or accompany with a side dish.

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Fresh Duck Thigh

The raw material, location and climate of our region, make the traditional healing process give our duck ham its extraordinary flavor.


  • Formats: 50gr/500gr
  • Expiration : 6 months
  • Presentation : Plastic container

The fresh duck is a meat that is highly valued for its lean and fat percentage, which give it a texture and taste that is very different from any other bird. It is an ideal product for important festivities events. Specifically at Christmas and Easter, which is where the consumption of duck skyrockets. These festivities make fresh duck important at the table.

We are suppliers of elaborated duck products for restaurant and hotel professionals, with a direct service from our producer with cold packaging to guarantee delivery with the maximum speed and quality possible to our clients. If you are a company or a commercial group, contact us to get the best price for this product of such gastronomic value.

We work with small producers in the province of Teruel who guarantee us quality control throughout the process of making their products. For those interested in buying duck meat, and other products such as foie and micuit, our product is not obtained through intensive farming or other animal overproduction systems that do not correspond to sustainable development.

**NOTE*This type of product is shipped cold, so the shipping price will be 9 + 21% VAT , for orders over 250 it will be free.

Indicated "price per kilo"

Fresh duck legs, ideal for restaurants and catering consumption.


  • Presentation: Bag
  • Quantity: On request
  • Expiration date: 20 days

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