Gluten-free bread

Gluten-free bread is made by hand, thus giving different forms of bread, such as loaf bread, loaf bread, multigrain bread.

Gluten-free bread made by hand

Gluten-free bread is one of the substitutes for white bread for people who have celiac disease or who have problems with products that have gluten.

History of gluten-free bread

Currently, gluten-free bread is more than incorporated in our society. In any bakery or supermarket we can find it. Intolerances, and in this case celiac disease (gluten intolerance) are the order of the day, so it is necessary to create new products that can be consumed by society without causing complications to your health.

However, it is interesting to know where the bread comes from and for what purpose our ancestors cooked it. Because such an affordable food today, it has an interesting history to know and that, in addition, will help us to value more the precious good that we have in our hands.

We go back many millions of years, in which our ancestors crushed cereal grains and mixed it with water in order to create a porridge. On a stone, they placed a small amount of porridge and put it to heat on the fire, to cook the first bread that was similar to a cake or cookie.

It was the Egyptian culture that, giving more importance to the physical aspect, began to create what we know today as “bread”. Also, the first bakeries and ovens were built that made this essential food available to the people.

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How to do it?

To cook gluten-free bread you need several ingredients. The essential element is flour; There are different types of flours that can be used, although the most common are corn flour and rice flour. Other types of flours that can be used are chickpea or soy flour.

The other ingredients are those used to prepare the rest of the breads. These ingredients include water, salt, yeast, and oil. The preparation consists of mixing the different ingredients until we get a firm dough that we have to let rest and knead.

Finally, we will give it the shape we like the most and bake. There are many varieties of gluten-free bread, so each baker is in charge of kneading a different bread to surprise the staff. However, the most important thing is that the flour used is a flour that does not contain gluten, like the ones mentioned above. And, also, that the containers where the bread is to be prepared are not contaminated by other products with gluten, because it could cause alterations in the health of the diners.

Types of gluten-free bread

In the market we can find a great diversity of gluten-free breads. Buckwheat bread is one of the alternatives. It is a type of wheat that was widely used in the past and is now recovering its use. Also, we can find rice bread that is similar to sliced ​​bread or millet bread, although millet is more used in Asia and Africa.

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