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Gluten free products

Products made by hand without gluten, from typical pasta of Aragon without gluten, to different breads made with different gluten-free ingredients, and also gluten-free ingredients.

Gluten history

Gluten-free products have been increasing their presence in the food market in recent years. The number of people with gluten intolerance has caused a reinvention of companies to be able to supply everyone and contemplate their needs.

Gluten is a protein found mainly in wheat, barley, and rye. If you stop to think, there are many foods that contain these cereals, so it was really important to create gluten-free products so that celiacs could have access to essential foods such as bread or different flours.

Celiac disease is a multisystemic disease with highly variable clinical involvement. Those affected may suffer from bloating or diarrhea after eating foods with gluten. Also, weight loss, fatigue, nausea, among many others can be objectified. However, there may also be no symptoms.

Currently, the prevalence in Europeans is 1% and affects women in a greater proportion. To make the definitive diagnosis, it is necessary to obtain an intestinal biopsy.

Most patients report a marked improvement in the disease when following a gluten-free diet, so this is the best treatment.


Gluten free products
Gluten free products

Gluten free pasta

The pasta of a lifetime: muffins, biscuits, chocolate palms ... All of them, gluten-free. With the same flavor as always (or even better!). Made with the utmost care, to be able to enjoy them at any time and share them with our loved ones.

Gluten-free bread

Different types of bread, for example, bread with cereals, loaf, small size ... Thus, you can choose the best bread for each occasion and combine it with sausages, butter and jam ... as you like!

Gluten free products
Gluten free products

Gluten free ingredients

This type of flour will allow us to create some great batters, make doughs or bake our own bread, among others. Even, cocoa powder can be used to cook biscuits or some sweet and also, mixed with milk.

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