Duroc ham tray

Duroc ham tray

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DOP pallet tray composed of:

- 500 grams of duroc ham



Duroc ham is a type of cured ham that is obtained from Duroc breed pigs. The Duroc is a breed of pork native to the United States and is characterized by having juicy meat well infiltrated with fat, which gives it a particular flavor and texture.

Duroc ham is distinguished by its intense reddish color, its aroma and its more pronounced flavor compared to other types of ham. The infiltration of fat into the meat gives it a soft and juicy texture, which contributes to its quality and palatability.

Duroc pigs are raised under controlled conditions and specific feeding, which guarantees a high quality product. After breeding, the pigs are slaughtered and the curing process begins.

Duroc ham is appreciated for its balanced flavor, its marbling of fat that provides juiciness and its curing time, which can vary from several months to even years, depending on the quality and type of final product desired.

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