Canned Assorted Pork
Canned Assorted Pork
Canned Assorted Pork
Canned Assorted Pork
Canned Assorted Pork
Canned Assorted Pork

Canned Assorted Pork

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Do you like pork products? Try our preserves!

Canned variety of pork.

Rib, loin and sausage.

Product of the Sierra de Albarracín.


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PRODUCT INFORMATION "Varied Preserved Pork"

Ingredients: Lean bacon sausage, salt, spices, corn dextrin and soy protein. LOIN, RIB, vinegar, garlic salt, antioxidant E-331iii, preservative E-250. CONSERVES sunflower oil, olive oil coating, dextrose, sugar, E-452i, trisodium citrate, E-316, flavor enhancer E-621, preservatives E-252 and E-250, color E-120.

What is various preserved pork?

The varied preserved pork is a traditional dish from Aragon. In the past, since there were not so many methods to preserve the meat that was obtained from the pigs in the slaughter, which was done in winter, it was cooked in plenty of oil with garlic and kept in jars with the cooking oil so that it would last for long periods of time. periods.

This tradition is still alive today and there are several towns and their people who carry out this process when winter comes.

The meat used is pork and the cuts used are loin, sausage and rib.

Canned pork in oil is a very easy dish to prepare since you just have to take the meat out of the jar and heat it, in the pan or in the microwave.

You can consume the preserve with fried eggs, fried potatoes, grilled vegetables.

You can also use meat in dishes such as lentils, stews, rice, etc.

Canned Varied Pork
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