Cured meat tables

Game jerky from the province of Teruel. Cut and vacuum packed. Goat jerky, deer jerky, yearling jerky, wild boar jerky.

What is jerky?

Cecina is a type of smoked and cured meat, made with meat from different animals, such as beef, deer, goat, wild boar... Its production process is carried out by salting the meat and then letting it air dry or smoking it to its conservation. This process gives it a very characteristic flavor and a firm, dry texture. Cured meat is mainly consumed like sausage, in sandwiches, appetizers...

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Our cured meat trays

Goat jerky: Made from goat meat, it undergoes the same curing process and smoked than beef jerky. Goat meat tends to have a more intense flavor than beef, which can give goat jerky a more distinctive flavor.

Cecina de anjo : Made with meat from young calves, between 8 and 12 months old. This jerky is usually more tender and softer than that of other more mature animals, which influences the flavor and texture of the jerky. It is a popular choice among customers who value quality meat and the artisanal curing process.

Deer Jerky: Made from deer meat, it has a distinctive flavor and is often described as wilder or more robust than the meat of beef. Deer cecina is popular in areas where deer hunting is common, such as the province of Teruel, as it provides a way to use and preserve game meat in a tasty and long-lasting way.

Boar jerky: Wild boar jerky It is made with the meat of this game animal. Wild boar has leaner, more intensely flavored meat than domestic pork, which can make wild boar jerky have a stronger, more distinctive flavor. It is appreciated for its unique flavor and its association with hunting and traditional cuisine in some regions.

How to consume our cured meat boards

When you consume sliced and vacuum-packed cured meats, it is necessary to let them rest briefly at room temperature so that they soften slightly. Cut the slices thinly and serve them with accompaniments such as crusty bread, cheese, other sausages, ham, olive oil or pickles. Experiment with suitable pairings, such as light red wines, craft beers or dry ciders. Present the jerky attractively on a decorative board or plate, and eat it soon after opening the vacuum bag to maintain its freshness in the refrigerator.

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