Assorted cured meat tray

Assorted cured meat tray

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Tray of assorted cured meats composed of:

- 200 grams of deer jerky

- 200 grams of goat jerky

- 200 grams of yearling jerky

- 200 grams of wild boar jerky


PRODUCT INFORMATION "Varied cured meat tray"

We understand jerky as the meat from the loin or legs of a beef or other animal, cured and dried. It usually comes in thin, narrow slices, although it can also be purchased in block form or in sausage format. At Degusta Teruel we put on your table a variety of options for starters and appetizers that will never fail to surprise diners with their intense flavor. And a good cured meat, obtained from the phases that we describe below, does not have to envy a ham. With its texture, color, aroma and particular taste.


It is a food that is usually presented as beef jerky, however the topography and terrain of Teruel and its gastronomic tradition amplify that spectrum and offer truly genuine products. In our catalog you will find deer jerky, wild boar jerky, goat jerky and yearling jerky. All of these are produced from animals fed naturally, raised in the mountains of Teruel, which is reflected in its marbled meat and its intense taste. Delicious bites with all the flavor of a province.

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