Aztec burger

Aztec burger

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Weight: 200gr

Type of meat: Veal

Ingredients: Salt, cereals (corn), dextrose, spices, sodium sulfite (E-221), ascordic acid (E-300), sodium citrate (E-331), aroma, carmine (E-129)</ p>

Sauce ingredients: Sunflower oil, fully hydrogenated sunflower oil, salt, spices, glucose-fructose syrup, aromas.

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The Aztec hamburger is a variant of the traditional hamburger that incorporates typical ingredients and flavors from Mexican cuisine, especially from the Aztec culture. This hamburger is usually composed of a juicy beef patty seasoned with Aztec sauce which incorporates chiles, spices and fresh herbs, and a variety of typical Mexican food ingredients. The Aztec burger is characterized by its intense and complex flavor, which combines the smoky, spicy and fresh flavors of Mexican cuisine. It is an ideal option for those looking for a hamburger with a different and tasty touch.

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