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Welcome to our section for purchasing fresh products from Teruel! Here you will find a wide variety of vegetables grown in Santa Eulalia del Campo, as well as high-quality fresh meat, such as Ternasco de Aragón PGI, pork, hamburgers and steaks.

We proud to offer products of the highest quality, which have been carefully selected and prepared by our experts. Our meat comes from animals raised in Teruel and fed naturally, which guarantees its exceptional flavor and quality. Plus, our vegetables are lovingly and carefully grown by local farmers, meaning they're fresh, healthy, and full of flavor. Our goal is to offer fresh, high-quality products, while supporting the local economy and promoting sustainability.

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We are proud to offer a wide variety of fresh vegetable products that come from orchards located in Santa Eulalia del Campo, Teruel. This area has ideal climatic and soil conditions for growing high-quality vegetables, thanks to its continental Mediterranean climate with mountain influence and the large number of hours of sunshine it receives throughout the year.

In addition, our local farmers have extensive experience in growing vegetables, and use sustainable production methods and respectful of the environment to ensure that the products we offer are of the highest quality and flavor.

By working with local farmers, we can also guarantee the freshness of our products, as they are harvested at just the right moment of ripeness and delivered directly to our customers. This allows us to offer a unique and authentic gastronomic experience, with products that stand out for their exceptional freshness, flavor and quality.

In short, our fresh vegetable products are an example of the excellent work and dedication of the local farmers of Santa Eulalia del Campo, who work tirelessly to offer fresh, healthy and flavorful vegetables.

Garden vegetables
Fresh meat

Fresh meat

In our fresh products section, we offer high quality meats that come from animals raised in Teruel.

Our pigs, chickens and cows are high quality meat, exceptional flavor and great nutritional value. The animals are raised in optimal conditions, where they have enough space to move and grow healthily.

In addition, by working with local farmers, we can guarantee the freshness and quality of our meats. The animals are slaughtered in nearby slaughterhouses and the meat is delivered directly to our customers, allowing us to offer a fresh, high-quality product.

We also offer meat products with a designation of origin, such as Ternasco de Aragón PGI, which guarantees the quality and authenticity of the product, and is another example of the commitment we have to offer our customers only the best products.

In short, our fresh meats come from of animals carefully selected by local ranchers. Which allows us to offer high quality products, exceptional flavor and great nutritional value, and at the same time support the local economy and promote sustainability.

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