Truffled burger

Truffled burger

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Truffled hamburger with black truffle from Teruel.

Meat: Veal

Contains lactose

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The Teruel Truffle Burger is a delicious culinary creation that combines the juiciness of a high-quality burger with the unique, earthy flavor of Teruel black truffle. This hamburger is made with top quality beef, carefully selected by expert butchers to ensure its quality and flavor. The meat is mixed with fine slices of black truffle from Teruel, which give it an intense and aromatic flavor.

The Teruel truffle burger is perfect for those looking to experience new and sophisticated flavors in their burger. It is an ideal option for a special dinner or to surprise your guests at a meeting or gastronomic event. In short, if you are a lover of meat and intense and exquisite flavors, the Teruel truffle hamburger is a choice that will not disappoint you.

Ingredients: Starch (rice, potato), salt, aromas, antioxidants (E331, E300), preservative (E221) (0.69%) (SULPHITE), coloring E120 (<100ppm)

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