chimichurri burger

Chimichurri burger

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Weight: 200 grams

Type of meat: Veal

Ingredients: Salt, cereals (corn), dextrose, spices, sodium sulfite (E-221), ascordic acid (E-300), sodium citrate (E-331), aroma, carmine (E-129)</ p>

Sauce ingredients: Sunflower oil. fully hydrogenated sunflower oil, salt, spices, vinegar, glucose vapor and fructose

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The chimichurri burger is a variation on the classic burger that incorporates the famous Argentine seasoning known as "chimichurri." This seasoning, made from fresh herbs, garlic, olive oil and vinegar, gives the burger a unique flavor and aroma.

The flavor of the chimichurri hamburger is intense and fresh, thanks to the aromatic herbs of the chimichurri. The garlic and vinegar give it a tangy touch, while the olive oil provides a smooth and creamy texture. It is a perfect option for lovers of strong flavors and Argentine cuisine.

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Type of meat:
Ternasco from Aragon IGP
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